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Proctor Zeus

Oh, the tests he can take!

This Unicode font includes a total of 236 glyphs, from ASCII characters to ¤ to ¢ to ç, lettered in the style of a popular children's book author.

Note: Part of the charm of the lettering is the irregularity. For this reason italics, bold, and bold italics are simply different drawings of the same letters and numbers. However, italics do lean slightly right and bold characters do lean slightly left. If you want repeating letters to look different, you can italicize and/or bold them at random.

A closeup of the characters:

Downloads: (right click, "save as")
regular | italic | bold | bold talic.ttf

These fonts are made available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

Thanks to Mach5 and Ryvar at Metafilter for help with an esoteric question.

Morning Constitutional

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